Leak Proof Fork Seals



Dirt Bike (Pricing below chart)
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KTM Dirt Bike Year Leak Proof
Classic Seals
ProWipers ProMoly Seal
Wiper Kit
35mm Fork Tubes   7201 5201    
38mm Fork Tubes   7224 5224    
40mm Fork Tubes   7234 5234    
40mm White Power Forks   7256 5256    
45mm Magnum Forks   7259 5259    

Prices for above part numbers:

LeakProof Classic Seals - $24.95

ProMoly Seals - $29.95

LeakProof ProWipers - $19.95

LeakProof Wiper/Seal Kits - $39.95


All LEAK PROOF SEALS/WIPERS come with a lifetime guarantee to the original owner.